Go Try That came into beingness when X needed a domain name to promote John Reel’s GoTryThis software.   Still legendary, GoTryThis was released shortly after the Adwords Black Book back in 2006 and this “complete newbie” known as X placed third among affiliates, right behind Frank Kern and John Reese – who needed multiple last minute mailings to their lists to avoid getting embarrassed.

For most of the last six years Go Try That has been neglected, gathering digital dust.  But on this day, February 21, 2012 it is reborn as a site making recommendations about various Internet marketing products –

. . . . and as a place to offer killer deals on the many, many products X owns resale rights to, as well as products that have been created and simply not marketed.

It is extremely rare that X recommends products because a recommendation from X must meet the following criteria.

  • X has used the product
  • The product fits the X marketing model
  • The promoter of the product is of the highest integrity

Everyone makes mistakes – X is no different.  However we make our best effort to recommend products that will help you MAKE MONEY – we can’t guarantee that you will make money, but we can guarantee we have and we use the products we endorse.