David "Honeyboy" Edwards Great Delta...

They a whole lotta folks using these two solutions right now.

For buying, for selling, for promoting OPP (other people’s products).

But hear ye’ ‘o people, hear ye’.

  • Buyers of your products –
  • Buyers of the products you recommend –

I don’t matter to them –

ANYONE who comes through the JVZoo or W+ systems will end up on their promo lists.


They all end up on the JVZoo and W+ lists and those guys are cleaning up selling products, as affiliates, to OUR CUSTOMERS!

Yeah, think about that.

If these guys had integrity they’d pay out something to the original referring
affiliates.  At least that’s my opinion and I suspect if more people got what’s going on they’d share that opinion.

As it is now they’ve got both hands in your pockets and they’re taking everything they can grab.

This should come as no surprise because some of the players here are the sleaziest I’ve seen yet.


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