Plugin Dashboard

Here’s how it goes.

You currently have nearly 50 sites online running on the WordPress platform (thankfully).

You install the plugins you want installed . . . and then something new comes along.

Or, you read an excellent article and discover 6 new plugins you consider must-have on your WordPress installs.

I don’t have to paint this picture for you – going through installation of 6 new plugins on even-only 10 of those sites means 60 individual installations.

It’s a pain!

Lance Tamashiro and Robert Plank have just released a new solution to this problem called Plugin Dashboard.

You install Plugin Dashboard, select the plugins you want to install, then click a button and everything is installed for you in one go.  It’s a HUGE time saver.

The plugin comes pre-populated with several dozen plugins (many I’d never heard of, yet extremely useful – and free) to choose from – and, of course, you can add your own.

Three things –

1.  If you don’t have any sites installed on Worpress, then you don’t need this.

2.  I have already checked for a WSO on this product – there is one, but it’s the same price here.

3.  Yes, I bought, installed and have already used Plugin Dashboard . . . and it does exactly what they say it will do.

 And Two More . . .

  1. Robert Plank has become one of my “must follow” people.  Although he and Lance Tamashiro, his partner, are heavy on promotion they really do deliver the goods – and they never promote crap.  I’ve bought almost everything Robert has ever put out and only one item I can think of (WP Notepad) was a disappointment.
  2. Of course *I am* an affiliate and my incentive for telling you about this involves a commission.  Still you know I only promote things I know, like and use.

Now, here’s what we’re going to do –

After you purchase Plugin Dashboard you’re going to come back here and create a FREE membership account.  No payment, etc, required – you just create your place in our database.

Then, we will give you access to a very special bonus – Soda Popper (sorry, bonuses included on the Soda Popper sales letter not included).

That’s right – I will give you Soda Popper as a bonus for grabbing Robert’s and Lance’s plugin.  That is a sweet deal, my friend!

Now, this is a little clunky but after you create your account, as soon as we are able, we will then give you access to my plugin – A MUST HAVE FOR ALL AFFILIATES.

Please give us up to 72 hours to accomplish this for you – it will be available for you right here on this site, through your membership account and you should receive e-mail notification when it’s ready for you.

For now . . . that’s all (but watch for my scathing rebuke of JVZoo) –

All the best to you – X

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