My business resolution the last three years has been “Do more webinars!”

Why?  Because, for time spent, they make more money than any other activity and it’s not even close.

I’ve been doing webinars since 2007.  And I’ve made as much as $15,000 from a single webinar.  So having a webinar service in your toolkit is a “must have”.

I’ve used three services over the years and here’s a bit about my experiences with each.

1.  Go To Webinar

Although GoToWebinar is the “gold standard”, it’s really NOT the gold standard.  In my opinion it’s just what everyone uses and it’s only real advantage is a comfort factor – most people have used GoToWebinar so they’re more comfortable with how it works –

And that comfort level should only be important when consider the users on the other end – not to you as the marketer.

I began with GTW and stuck with them for about 4 years.  So why did I leave?

First, recording and posting webinars with GTW is TERRIBLE.  They use a special codec that requires conversion.  So you download a huge file, have to deal with converting that huge file, and then … blah, blah, blah.  It was a significant issue, especially if you’re doing webinars you want to make available for later viewing to people who missed the live run.

Second, my credit card expired and they pulled a crappy.  While new, and better, competition has entered the market GoToWebinar has taken away value.  When the card expired they downgraded my account – for the same price.

Really, for the money, GTW sucks.  Enough said.

2.  Fuze Meeting

I was initially attracted to Fuze Meeting for it’s more contemporary look and feel.  They offer some real cool bells and whistles.  And that time the ability to play video on a webinar was both new and appealing.

The problems with Fuze, and why I left, had to do with audio issues – the audio system was a disaster about 50% of the time.  Trust me, nothing hurts customer satisfaction quicker than the frustration of technology that doesn’t work like it’s supposed to.

I really wanted to like Fuze, but they just didn’t get the job done – and with new competition in the market it’s not a company I sense is going to be around for the duration.

3.  Meeting Burner

When Meeting Burner hit my radar I was already looking at a few other services.  Meet Cheap was enticing but the name is just awful –

“Hey guys, I’m a success marketer – meet me over at Meet Cheap and I’ll teach you how to make the big bucks.”  Not.

I signed up for a beta account with Meeting Burner (thank you Michelle MacPherson) and liked what I saw in the back office – yet still didn’t give the system a single try when my account was still free!

The system is simple – it doesn’t have as many presentation fancies as either GTW or Fuze.  But, it works – and it’s FAST.  I’ve done one-on-one meetings with people in the United Arab Emirates and there is ZERO delay.

Best of all, while GoToWebinar feels like it was designed for corporate stuffed shirts, Meeting Burner was clearly designed for marketers and people who want to profit from webinars.

One of the coolest features (that I haven’t used yet) is the ability to create “Paid For” webinars using PayPal as the payment gateway.  Even better is that you can setup three-tiers of payment for one webinar.  You could give one link to your paid subscribers that allows free access.  You could use another link for your email list subscribers that charges $10 – and a third link for the general public that would pay $20.

Recording is super simple – push a button.  And when the recording is complete they send you a link via email.

And while GoToWebinar wants $97 per month for 100 max spots, Meeting Burner gives you 1000 seats for the same price.  Meeting Burner also offers a free version of their service and a lower priced version as well if your needs are more modest.

One Last Thing

You don’t have to be polished or slick to sell with webinars – I’m sure not.  In 2012 everyone seems to be hopping on the webinar bandwagon and I encourage you to do the same – I’ve been encouraging that since 2008, for the record.

For some people this feels like and natural medium and for others, not.  Don’t let that stop you though.  It’s like when I first started recording Camtasia videos – I was awful, really.  But if you stick with it, trust that you will get better.

You don’t have to sound like Alex Mondossian or Armin Moran, and it might even be best if you don’t.

Give it shot –

All the best to you – X